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When you purchase a membership you get access to exclusive perks and members-only deals. These exclusive perks include: Free evaluations, Free virtual lessons, Free showcase film, and Discounts on lessons and workouts. Purchase your membership today to make sure you are taking advantage of these exclusive deals.

Video Evaluation
Only members can send film to a Coach at no extra cost once a week. Coach Stelter receives the video and gives tips and advice for detailed improvements.
Free Virtual Lessons
Each member gets one virtual lesson each month where they meet face to face with Coach Stelter through FaceTime or Skype that includes corrections and changes to improve snapping form.
Every Members will receive a free Player Profile which will be a great tool for exposure with their film, stats, photo, and coach's comments all in one place. Members also receive an Exposure Document that gives them the contact info for all their top schools!
EXCLUSIVE Wilson Discount
All members get an exclusive discount at on all Wilson Football products through our sponsorship with the company.
Free Showcase Film
Members get professional showcase film created by Coach Stelter and posted to the STU social media where HUNDREDS of coaches will view it.
Discounted Lesssons
Each member gets discounts on private lessons! Members of STU get the most efficient results because they improve dramatically consistently!
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Private Long Snapping Lessons

Long snapping lessons include hands on coaching that cover the entire technical process of long snapping a football. We focus on form, accuracy, quickness, blocking, hitch elimination, power, pre, mid, and post snap adjustments along with the psychological aspects of snapping. Coach Kyle Stelter has over 100 long snapping drills to help you become the best snapper you can be! Coach Stelter is known all over the world for being the MOST technical long snapping coach in the world. If you have an issue, Coach Stelter can help you fix it.

Private Lessons in Eau Claire, WI

Come to Eau Claire Wisconsin where you can train with Coach Stelter to refine your craft and take it to the next level. Long Snappers will fly into the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport or the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport where they have the option to either rent a car or be picked up for an additional fee (Fee includes round trip TO and FROM airport AND to lessons). Eau Claire is short 1.5 hour drive from the MSP airport. Lessons are available in 1 hour increments and are tailored to the athletes needs. Coach Stelter recommends at least 2 hours of lessons per day, and no more than 4 hours in a day. There is no penalty for canceling or changing dates but I ask that you give at least 1 weeks notice for any changes. Please contact Coach Stelter to book your Private Lesson

High School Long Snappers
Do you want to become the starter on your football team? Get a little more playing time? Play college football? Gain a college scholarship? Coach Stelter will help you improve as a long snapper, giving you all the tools you will need to do all of the above. If you follow our plan and put your heart into the skill of long snapping, I promise you that it will take you places you never thought you would go.

College Long Snappers
You made it to the college level and you want to become the starter, or maybe just want to refine your skills to become one of the top snappers in the nation. Coach Stelter has experience helping the best long snappers become even better! If you want to have a strong college career or want to play in the NFL someday, Coach Stelter can help you because he has been in your shoes!

Free Agent / Pro Long Snappers
If you are on the path to the NFL, Coach Stelter knows the ins and outs to help you along the way. As a guy that started from the bottom and hit every stepping stone on his way to the NFL, he knows where to go, who to contact, and what you need to improve on in order to reach your goals! Coach Stelter can help you prepare for your pro day, your workout with an NFL team, your rookie mini camp, or your NFL season!

Virtual Long Snapping Lessons

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Special Teams University will bring the lessons to you via Virtual long snapping lessons! Coach Stelter has worked with high school, college, and pro long snappers via virtual lessons with amazing results. These lessons are great for long snappers that have great internal motivation and want to truly get better. As a teacher and coach, Coach Stelter knows how to properly teach skills in order for students to grow at the right pace without overloading them with information. Special Teams U has the right progressions to teach you how to be the best long snapper you can be!

A virtual long snapping lesson requires film of the athlete from various angles while long snapping. That film can be sent to Coach Stelter. He will give you details on the specific angles needed. Once Special Teams University receives the video, Coach Stelter will review it and meet with you face to face through video call to help you improve your long snapping. Coach Stelter will provide informative feedback on your form and changes you can make to develop your technique.

Lessons include:

  • • drills and corrections
  • • 1 video call with Coach Stelter

  • Showcase Film

    Contact Coach Stelter for more info on Showcase Film

    This service is for MEMBERS ONLY! If you are ready to be noticed by College or NFL coaches Coach Stelter can help you create film to send out! (Film sessions are separate from lessons). Coach Stelter will film your session (or take the film you recorded), create your film in a professional manner and include all information a coach or team will need to see. Once created Coach Stelter will post your video to our YoutTube channel and Social Media outlets where it will be seen by hundreds of Collegiate coaches or for sharing to NFL teams!

    NFL Agent Acquisition

    Contact Coach Stelter for NFL Agent Acquisition

    Special Teams University has connections with over 800 NFL Agents and will help get your name out to them to get you represented. If you are a finished with your college eligibility and want to pursue the NFL, a good NFL Agent is crucial! I can help you find and choose the right one for you.

    Player Profile

    Contact Coach Stelter for a Player Profile

    A Special Teams U Player Profile is the best way to gain exposure to the next level. Coach Stelter's comments, Film, Stats, and any other information that you'd like all in one place for a coach to see. This makes it easy to send 1 link to a coach and have your information all in one place for easy access.