By: Long Snapping Coach Kyle Stelter

Special Teams University works with long snappers of all ages to help them reach their goals, so when one finally reaches their dream of playing college football there is no better feeling!

Bronson Bruneau has been working hard on his craft in order to reach his goals of playing college football for a while. One of the stops on this trip was lessons with long snapping coach Kyle Stelter. When Bronson came to me he was a tall snapper from Lakeville Minnesota who had incredible zip on the ball, however he wasn’t very polished.

Through a handful of lessons we were able to smooth out some of his inconsistencies as well as polish up a few things with his form here and there. Bronson had a great senior season and was being looked at by a handful of big schools. Besides being a great long snapper, Bronson is a very smart kid. His commitment to Duke shows that he wants to not only push himself physically by joining this team, but mentally.

Bronson will join Duke as a walk on but I won’t be surprised if he makes more of it sooner than later.



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