By: Long Snapping Coach Kyle Stelter

This post is a little late, I have been a little busy but I hope you enjoy!

November 8th 2013 I was able to fly down to San Antonio Texas to meet up with one of my long snapping students Jesse Medrano who plays for the University of Texas San Antonio.

Jesse and I met after he found my website last year and was interested in doing
one on one long snapping lessons. Last winter Jesse flew up to freezing cold Wisconsin to work with me for a whole weekend. When I first met Jesse his snapping form was fairly effective but lacked consistency. We worked together that weekend to smooth out things with his form including his timing, hand placement, body position, head position, follow through, pre snap, post snap, and mid snap. Basically he got a whole long snapping makeover!

While up here I was able to show Jesse the miracle of snow. Living in Texas he hadn’t seen much of it at all. While up here he was able to experience skiing and snowboarding as well as driving on icy roads.

In between meeting with me in Wisconsin for one on one long snapping lessons and when I flew down to Texas, Jesse had been improving on what he learned with me and had been giving me updates. Jesse currently has one of the fastest long snaps of any long snapper I have coached snapping the ball around .65 and faster! Some coaches may claim to have coached a few guys faster but I like to credit those times to a happy trigger finger on the stop watch.

On November 8th Jesse flew me down to San Antonio Texas where I was able to meet up with him and meet his family. The first night I was there my hotel was literally 2 blocks from The Alamo so naturally I had to wander over there and check out this historic landmark, and visit the gift shop for some souvenirs for my family.

November 9th I had the privilege of checking out my first UTSA football game in the Alamo Dome! This was a great experience. I was able to meet Head Coach John Coker who is a coaching legend along with the rest of the coaching staff. Jesse was also able to get me a sideline pass for the game vs Tulane.

Jesse and the UTSA RoadRunners pulled off a great win against Tulane ending it with last second game winning field goal! The game was exciting and it was great being so close to the action.

The next day Jesse and I made our way to the UTSA practice fields to work together on fine tuning a few things with his long snapping. Jesse is a very good snapper and there isn’t much to fix, but if you want to be the best you have to be constantly improving on what you do well to make it better. We fixed a few things including his hand position to ensure his shoulders weren’t over rotated in his stance as well as his balance in his stance. These two things helped him to make sure he snaps straight every time as well as not fall forward after he snaps.

While in Texas Jesse was able to show me not only the campus of UTSA but also the culture. While down there I was able to experience a lot of different kinds of food and even had the privilege of drinking a Texas favorite “Big Red” for breakfast!

Overall I had a great time visiting Jesse and would do it again as soon as I can! Since my visit they won their games against North Texas and Louisiana Tech in hopes to make it to the conference championship, however the teams they needed to lose to make it there did not. They had a great season and many great snaps!

If you are interested in long snapping lessons with long snapping coach Kyle Stelter click the link at the bottom of the page to find out how.


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